Fuck Yeah Brenda/Sharon
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The Closer meets Once Upon A Time
The Closer meets Once Upon A Time

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Gymnophoria - Brenda/Sharon


Gymnophoria -The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

At first she believed she had been imagining the feeling of having eyes on her every day. Sharon had been working closely with Chief Johnson and her division for over a week now. The captain understood she was still not trusted fully by the detectives, not one of them but no longer looked at as an outsider. They were trying to figure out why she was there, wanting to know if they could let their guards down around her completely. So she had associated the feeling of being watched with that.

But this was different. Alone with the chief in her office, she knew without a doubt who was looking at her. She could feel the blonde’s gaze on her from across the room as she leaned against the round table in the office, her own eyes trying to stay focused on the words she was reading repeatedly as she tried to retain the information.

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A/N: Something I wrote last year and found in my drafts. It was for a theme thing. Theme: making out.

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Not sure exactly how many fics were at least a little bit inspired by or ended up including the spectacular red dress, but I know mine sure did a few times. Cause, in the obvious glances of Sharon Raydor: “DAMN.”


Still one of my favourite Brenda/Sharon moments ever. I physically smacked myself in the face at the cute. It was just too much. 

And I LOVE that Sharon doesn’t bother trying to correct Brenda’s parents and Brenda just beams when Sharon goes along with it.


One of the many reasons I ship Brenda.sharon…



Fanfic: Sick Days, Major Crimes | FanFiction


Just a little something that popped into my head, I think it’s because I’ve been so sick lately…



Brenda Leigh returns to Major Crimes as the new liaison for the DA’s office. Seeing her old nemesis turned friend Sharon Raydor is less painful than she thought. With a new drug taking the streets, code name giggle pig, a Deputy Chief flies in from New York to help on the case. To their surprise Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch is the spitting image of one Brenda Leigh Johnson.

Their case leads them to a local hotel where a medical conference is being held and where the drug is believed to be sold. There they run into one Dr. Virginia Dixon, who is in town for the medical conference. Everyone was surprised when two Sharon’s walked into the precinct that day. The four work together to find the source of the drug and maybe fall in love along the way.

Gettin’ greedy I see? I like it.

Halloween candy

The banging against the door made Sharon jump. It wasn’t really banging so much as an extremely loud clanging, as though sometime were taking a sledgehammer and and gently pounding the door, making it shake within the frame. Sharon’s thoughts instantly reached for the service weapon in her bag, which she had dumped by the door as soon as she had come home from work. Then she heard it. 

"It’s me! My hands are full and I don’t want to put the bags down!! Can you get the door!"

Of course. Brenda had promised to pick up the groceries on the way home from work. Sharon chuckled, when the shouting started again. “SHARON!! CAN YOU GET THE DOOR? IT’S ME!” Shaking her head, Sharon ran to the door, not wanting Brenda to disturb the entire floor. No need for her neighbors to hate her because her girlfriend sometimes forgot that living in a condo meant the rules for indoor voices went into effect as soon as she stepped into the building, not the actual condo. 

Sharon couldn’t help but laugh at the sight standing at her door. Brenda was cradling two large grocery bags in her arms, like she was carrying a set of toddler twins, and the weight of the bags had caused her to schlump against the door frame. 

"Give me," she said, taking a bag from Brenda.  Sharon immediately felt her arms drop from the weight of the bag.  "Jesus Brenda. What the hell is in here?" she asked, knowing full well that with Halloween around the tomorrow, Brenda had gone on a bit of a spree. 

"Well, you know, trick-or-treaters and all…" she said, following Sharon into the kitchen.  

"Right, because we’re going to get so many trick-or-treaters in my building," Sharon attempted to say sternly. But as she tried to stare down Brenda, she felt her muscles twitch as a smile forced its way out. She would never understand Brenda’s relationship with sugar, but Brenda was standing in her kitchen, in their kitchen, with her grocery bag full of candy. Brenda had brought all of herself with her when she had moved in, including all of her quirks and idiosyncrasies, and Sharon couldn’t help but smile whenever she thought that she finally had all of Brenda to herself, sugar obsession and all. 

"You know I’ll finish it if we have left overs," Brenda grumbled. She had missed Sharon’s smile, distracted by her desperate need to pull the heels from her aching feet. She let out a satisfied groan as her feet finally made contact with a flat surface, and Sharon couldn’t help but pull Brenda towards her, prompting Brenda to let out a quiet squeak as her heels fell to the floor. 

"Hmm?" she asked, puzzled by the sudden change in Sharon’s mood but always ready for an embrace from Sharon. She wrapped her arms around her waist as Sharon held her. Brenda had never really understood why people loved hugging so much. Other than the hugs from her Mama, hugs had always felt just a little bit awkward, a little bit foreign, until the first time Sharon had hugged her. That was the first time she had understood the phrase ‘it felt like coming.’ Brenda rested her head against Sharon’s shoulder. She had found home.  

"I just love you."

Brenda broke into a smile, and Sharon pulled back slightly, pecking lightly at Brenda’s lips, then slowly moving her way to Brenda’s ear. “I know you don’t like dressing up or doing anything special for Halloween,” she whispered, “but I have some costumes and props in mind that I think you might appreciate,” her voice suddenly dropping an octave. She smirked when she felt Brenda shiver. It was going to be a great Halloween. 

Anyone wanna write about their Halloween day activities? 

I want to see some Halloween fics with Brenda and Sharon doing a theme together. Or where Brenda finds her drawer filled with candy corn. Or one of them teaching the other the dance for Thriller (or one of them just knowing the dance and impressing the other because of it). EEP Halloween Brenda/Sharon!

All right, folks - we’ve got some Halloween-themed requests. Who’s up for the challenge?